March 1, 2024

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THE CONTEXT: In a groundbreaking astronomical discovery, scientists have identified BRI 1335-0417, a spiral galaxy that stands as a testament to the earliest epochs of our universe.


  • Aged over 12 billion years, this distant cosmic entity offers a window into the past, shedding light on the galaxy’s formation and potentially reshaping our understanding of galactic evolution.

Advanced Observation Techniques Unveiling Ancient Secrets

  • Led by Dr. Takafumi Tsukui, astronomers utilized the advanced capabilities of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope to delve deep into the mysteries of this ancient galaxy.
  • The enhanced resolution offered by ALMA enabled a detailed examination of BRI 1335-0417, providing insights into the dynamics of its gas, a crucial component for star formation.

Gas Dynamics: Key Clues to Understanding Galactic Evolution

  • Tsukui’s team focused on deciphering the movement of gas within the galaxy, recognizing its pivotal role in nurturing stars.
  • By observing the gas’s motion surrounding BRI 1335-0417, they uncovered a seismic wave-like phenomenon, a revelation crucial for comprehending the behaviour of this early spiral galaxy.
  • This discovery, elucidating the inflow and movement of gas, contributes significantly to our knowledge of how galaxies fuel their star formation processes.

Revelations from Galactic Observations

  • The observations unveiled a distinctive motion in the galaxy’s disk, resembling ripples on a pond, indicative of an externally induced vertical oscillation.
  • Tsukui hypothesized potential sources for this motion, speculating on new gas influx or interactions with smaller galaxies.
  • Both scenarios, if confirmed, would provide a surge of fuel for star formation, crucial for the evolution of such ancient galaxies.

Galactic Structures: Bar-like Features and their Significance

  • Moreover, the study uncovered a bar-like structure within BRI 1335-0417’s disk, marking a significant revelation.
  • These galactic bars possess the capability to disrupt gas flow and channel it towards the galaxy’s center.
  • The detection of this bar, the most distant of its kind known to date, emphasizes the dynamic growth and evolution of this ancient spiral galaxy.

Insights into Star Formation and Evolution

  • The study highlighted the accelerated rate of star formation within BRI 1335-0417 compared to modern galaxies.
  • Understanding the mechanisms supplying gas to sustain this rapid star formation is pivotal, and this research aims to unravel these enigmatic processes prevalent in early galaxies.

Unravelling the Mysteries through Simulations

  • While direct observation of the galaxy’s evolution remains elusive due to the snapshot nature of astronomical observations, computer simulations offer a complementary tool.
  • These simulations aid in piecing together the story of BRI 1335-0417’s evolution, complementing observational data and enriching our understanding of early galactic formations.

Conclusion: A Glimpse into the Universe’s Infancy

  • BRI 1335-0417’s distant presence and the time it takes for its light to reach Earth provide a unique opportunity to peer into the universe’s formative years.
  • The discovery offered invaluable insights into the evolution of galaxies and the cosmic phenomena shaping our vast cosmos.


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