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WSDP Bulletin (10-09-2021)


(Newspapers, PIB and other important sources)

Prelim and Main

  1. Union Education Minister releases India Rankings 2021 READ MORE
  2. India’s first Indigenously Designed High Ash Coal Gasification Based Methanol Production Plant at BHEL R&D Centre, Hyderabad READ MORE
  3. Explained: Island discovered off Greenland is the new speck on the world map READ MORE
  4. Human-driven speciation: A peek into how we may alter the morphology of African elephants READ MORE
  5. India’s 1st emergency landing strip on the highway to be inaugurated in Barmer today READ MORE

Main Exam  

GS Paper- 2


  1. Why hasn’t marital rape been criminalised in India yet? READ MORE
  2. Stop arbitrariness in tribunal appointments READ MORE
  3. Nations Don’t Fail, States Fail READ MORE
  4. The Right to Education Act has brought hope – but the pandemic has shown flaws that should be fixed READ MORE


  1. Do quotas in public sector employment for disadvantaged groups enhance their welfare? READ MORE
  2. Learning disabilities: Govt must reopen primary schools immediately READ MORE


  1. The fall of Afghanistan, the fallout in West Asia READ MORE
  2. India’s diplomatic win on Afghanistan READ MORE
  3. Victims at the Heart of International Criminal Justice READ MORE

GS Paper- 3


  1. Catching up: The success of the PLI is likely to hinge on how entrepreneurs weigh the risk-reward equation READ MORE
  2. We must focus on human development, not GDP growth READ MORE
  3. 30 years on, economic reforms have paid off READ MORE
  4. Why has India’s growth slowed? The slowdown in growth is primarily on account of the banking crisis READ MORE


  1. Climate crisis in North East India: What is behind water scarcity in the region READ MORE
  2. Explained: What a new study says about fossil fuel extraction and global warming READ MORE

GS Paper- 4


  1. Teachers Transform Lives READ MORE
  2. The Most Important decisions READ MORE

Questions for the MAIN exam

  1. The RTE Act seems to be more of a “right to access schooling” than a “right to education’’. In the light of the statement discuss the need for the inclusion of online education in the Act.
  2. The growing NPA problem can aggravate the balance-sheet imbalances of the banking sector. This is requiring reforms to make the banking and financial sector more transparent and accountable. Comment on the statement.
  3. The global discourse on national security is changing and India should also align itself to such change. Comment.


  • Stay faithful to the stories in your head.
  • While Pakistan is playing the lead public role in Afghan affairs, the country’s West Asian/Gulf neighbours will be a significant influence in shaping the future of that beleaguered country.
  • Inadequate teaching has given rise to an aversion to programming across campuses.
  • All UNSC members praised India’s presidency and acknowledged the value added by India in building bridges in the midst of polarised UNSC dynamics, strengthening its claim for permanent membership.
  • A major reason for the rising inequality is the heterogeneity of the Indian population, leading to varying adjustment capacity.
  • The application of nano-fertilisers is emerging as a promising strategy to promote plant growth and development and limit environmental degradation.
  • India’s ‘development diplomacy’ is taking shape in the Maldives by funding the largest infrastructure development project there.
  • The RTE Act seems to be more of a “right to access schooling” than a “right to education’’. With the pandemic, even the “right to access schooling” is coming undone. It is a right served all wrong.
  • The second crucial window of opportunity for India is the QUAD summit (in person) in end-September and the India-US head of government level bilateral. The focus has to be on peaceful co-existence for all powers in the region for sustained prosperity.


  • That the Karnal SDM has become a sticking point in the talks between protesting farmers and the state government is not surprising. Such a provocation by a magistrate on duty will not disappear easily. Transferring the officer doesn’t amount to punishment or accountability. The state’s action must be seen to be exemplary.

Things to Remember

  • For prelims-related news try to understand the context of the news and relate with its concepts so that it will be easier for you to answer (or eliminate) from given options.
  • Whenever any international place will be in news, you should do map work (marking those areas in maps and also exploring other geographical locations nearby including mountains, rivers, etc. same applies to the national places.)
  • For economy-related news (banking, agriculture, etc.) you should focus on terms and how these are related to various economic aspects, for example, if inflation has been mentioned, try to relate with prevailing price rises, shortage of essential supplies, banking rates, etc.
  • For main exam-related topics, you should focus on the various dimensions of the given topic, the most important topics which occur frequently and are important from the mains point of view will be covered in ED.
  • Try to use the given content in your answer. Regular use of this content will bring more enrichment to your writing.
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